About Us

Hi I'm Ando the creative formulator of Amyblu Island Essential. We are  mother and daughter team ,self taught and passionate about promoting the beauty of natural textured hair .We incorporate  organic superfoods and natural plant oils like virgin coconut oil, noni, moringa and aloe vera..(just to name a few) and infuse exotic natural floral and organic butters to create super hydrating and moisturizing products exclusively for  curly, wavy, kinky and coily textured.

The drive behind this brand is my daughter (Amethyst/Amyblu) and her views in 2018 as an 8 year old, and her view that having long straight hair made her acceptable to her peers and beautiful.  As a proud Melanesian Pacific Island women, our identity and origin is entwined in our distinct kinks curls and empowering my daughter to love her melafro (Melanesian Afro) and identity regardless of her social setting was my goal. There was a lack of representation for Melanesian Afro hair products on the market to incorporate in our hair routines, thus ignited the passion to formulate our own hair products and narrative about Melanesian textured hair.

We started creating natural haircare products in our backyard and kitchen bench that catered to our Melanesian afro and safe enough for my daughter to use and slowly build confidence to rock her afro with pride. We wanted natural hair products without the nasty chemicals that restored life back into our curls and promote healthy hair growth. Beauty is in the crowns we wear on our head and if we have well kept and healthy curls we can rock out our afro crowns with pride. 


Hope you enjoy our products and give us feedback on our social media pages



Ando and Amethyst

Team Amyblu